Monday, February 9, 2015

A Love Lost Forever

A Love Lost Forever
By Julie Carlson

Once upon a time, Julie went to a San Jose Giants game in a faraway land and sat in the front row. Eager for a fantastic night, she scanned the field in search of good-looking baseball players. She was disappointed to find that the catcher (her personal favorite position) wasn't as handsome as she had expected. In fact, none of the players caught her eye. Wasn't that the point of a baseball game, to find the endearingly handsome players and cheer them on? Darkness seemed to creep in around her, mocking her for even showing up. She knew she was in for a sad and uninteresting game.

Then along came . . . Bat boy! Oh yes, someone her own age with a graceful stride and a manly demeanor. “You don’t even know what he looks like!” her cousin Ashley argued. “He’s got that helmet on.” But while Ashley wasn't looking Bat boy took his helmet off and shook his hair out. It was like . . . the sun shining through the clouds on a rainy day! Indescribable! Julie drank in those luscious golden locks that spilled out and couldn't seem to get long enough of a look.

When a player broke their bat, Bat boy immediately dashed over with a new one. “He’s so reliable,” Julie said dreamily. “He’s the one,” she told Ashley.

“Get real,” countered Ashley.

Many times did Julie consider jotting down her phone number and slipping it through the net that separated her and her true love. But, just as she was about to search her backpack for a scrap of paper, her dad complained that he had a bad toothache and, alas, they were on their way home, Julie silently crying out for her future companion!

Julie managed to compensate for her loss by listening to her Kelly Clarkson music. Her personal favorite songs were “Never Again” (Never again would she see Bat boy), “Don’t You Wanna Stay” (“You’re the one that left him!” Aunt Bonnie said), “Already Gone”, “Since U Been Gone”, and “Breakaway” (just hearing that word crushed her heart).

And thus the curtain closed on what had the potential to be a heart-wrenching story of love and sacrifice, the

sacred strands of time, and an overpowering feeling that would change both lives forever.

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